Real news today (5/29/2022)

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Should I Be Worried About Monkeypox?

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"…we are asking countries to increase surveillance… This is a containable situation. It will be difficult…"

Law-Abiding West Virginian Woman With Concealed Firearm Stops A Mass Shooting

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"Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night."

Russia Sends Record Volumes Of Oil To India, China

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While Europe shuns Russian oil amid sanctions and expectations of an oil embargo on Russian oil imports, India and China have stepped up purchases and are importing record volumes of Russian crude…

Victor Davis Hanson: A Cabinency Of Dunces

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As the nation sinks inexplicably into self-created crisis after crisis, debate rages whether President Joe Biden is incompetent, mean-spirited, or an ideologue who feels the country’s mess is his success…

‘Hopelessness and Despair’

Biden’s Uplifting Message to College Graduates:

America Is in the Grip of ‘Oldest and Darkest Forces of the Past’

Davos Reveals Building-Blocks For "Green" Social-Credit System

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They already technically have access to the data they would need to construct this system. It would be naïve in the extreme to not see where this leads