The deadly disease of Donkey Pox infected Americans

By Hoa TruongMay 30, 2022

According to the newest report of the World Health Organization (W.H.O) released, the death toll caused by the China virus pandemic was approximately 15 million people, not including the global economic damages, the social mayhem, the world crisis, and other dire consequences that have perpetuated from December 2019. The global hegemonic ambition of China’s Communist Party became a world disaster with the full-scale attack of the viral army trained in Wuhan’s Safety Level 4 Laboratory.

Therefore, the World Health Organization becomes the health propaganda machine of China’s Communist Party when Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the first W.H.O chief selected without a medical doctoral degree, actually, Dogtor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the hardcore communist and the dangerous terrorist. The people believe W.H.O helped China to spread the pandemic by misleading the information when the pandemic began in December 2019. Nevertheless, viral variants like Delta, Omicron, and other viral forms currently threaten the lives of seven billion people on the planet. Decently, the Monkeypox disease alerts the world. However, the terrible disease appears before the mid-term congressional election will be held on November 8, 2022, the people doubt the disease reflects the political conspiracy of the mongrel communist party called the Democratic Party in America, possibly, the Biden War in Ukraine has not enough the weigh to stray the terrible failures of mongrel communist, mongrel ape zombie Joe Biden makes America worsens ever (MAWE) after more than a year leading the world wealthiest country into the hell of communist paradise with the impoverishment, the obscurantism and the brainwashing that kill America and destroy the livelihood of 330 million people. The Donkey Pox disease derives from the viral communism disease, the prime culprit is Karl Marx created the communism disease and released it in 1848. The communism disease outbreak in Russia in October 1917, and spread worldwide as the China virus was released in Wuhan in December 2019, and spread everywhere on the planet.

However, the American people have lived with the deadly disease for a long time, the DONKEY POX disease has outbreak in the rules of the Democratic Party in America like Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, and now the Donkey Pox disease has spread throughout 50 states in the United States under the 46th illegal president Joe Biden. The Donkey Pox is the deadly disease that has been transmitted to the leftists, the innocent components, and the mongrel communists in the democratic countries, the patients have no syndrome but the minds infected by the left animal media companies, the left big tech communication companies to gag the free speech and delete the impartial news to kill the human minds by the fake news, false polls and the fabricated stories. Commonly, the central Donkey Pox disease comes from the White House when the Blue Donkey gang ruling, and the Democratic Congress, and Senate are the dens of Donkey Pox disease to attack the people.

The Blue Donkey gang is the culprit of the Donkey Pox, so the deadly disease continues to infect 330 million American people and the world. The Donkey Pox disease can stop when the Blue Donkey gang no longer exists in America, or the people expel them from the Congress, Senate, state and local government plus the Democratic judges. The syndromes of Donkey Pox expose the human mind, and the patients blind the mind, becoming the human robots.

-The riots in Western come from the Donkey Pox disease, the left stream animal media transmits the disease to the community, people, actually the innocent components and the young people easily contract the Donkey pox disease.

-The patients of Donkey Pox disease don’t recognize right and wrong, so they blindly support the hoax climate change although the people do need the energy with the fossil while the patients of Donkey Pox want to eliminate all coal, fuel, gas, and freaking. The patients of Donkey Pox disease are allergic to oil, gas, coal, and freaking. The Donkey Pox disease kills human energy and the livelihood in America and the world. The innocent components and the young people easily contract the Donkey Pox disease.

-The Donkey Pox disease causes bloodshed in Ukraine when the patients gave up the oil and gas, and Vladimir Putin grabs the most important weapons to tie up the European Union, and NATO, so the Ukrainian people are the victims of the Donkey Pox.

-The Donkey Pox disease causes poverty and obscurantism. The Donkey Pox disease is the variant of communism disease that was renamed globalization. The Donkey Pox affects the United States and the world like China virus pandemic to reset the world by the viral army. The Donkey Pox disease destroys American society and the next target is the new world order, and the final stage is the one-world government. The American people were endangered when the Donkey Pox outbreak, infects 330 million people and spread worldwide. The national economy was damaged, the social mayhem and the livelihood threatened by the deadly disease. The effective vaccine brand PATRIOTISM with the company of MAGA can stop the Donkey Pox disease anytime when the major population boycotts the Blue Donkey gang in the Congress, and Senate and force the patients in the Supreme Court to quarantine for life at the rehabilitation center in Guantanamo Bay. The patriots, the concerned citizens, and MAGA have natural immunity against the Donkey Pox disease/.