Biden is the reaper of American Babies and Unborn babies

By Hoa TruongMay 31, 2022

During the Biden War occurring in Ukraine, in the United States, the American people struggle and suffer the petrol price skyrockets, the inflation hits the highest record in 40 years, the social mayhem by illegal migrants plus the terrorization of the Black Lives Matter with Antifa and 330 million American people are impoverished by the communist methods of the 46th illegal president Joe Biden, the treasonous specialist, the corrupt king, mongrel communist, and an actual henchman of China’s Communist Party ruling the White House. The mongrel communist party in America called the Democratic Party to rob the US presidency, and the mongrel communist leader Joe Biden imposes the communist methods into the world’s wealthiest country creating the disasters:

-The social purge carries out the racial purge by using the aggressive black people to denounce the white people and discriminate against the other ethnic groups in society. The Black Supremacy is the essential stance of Democrats, so the Black Lives Matter and Antifa represent the hidden communist party and the Democratic government currently terrorizes, kills, loots, abuse, and bullies the American people. The denouncement publicly targets the white students in the US educational system, so the schools, and universities in America are like China, Vietnam, and other communist regimes with the rule are” family record wins over the talent”, and nowadays, in America with the 46th illegal president Joe Biden, the schools and universities reflect the rule” the black students favor than the white and other ethnical students”. The Democratic Communist Party and the 46th illegal president Joe Biden launch the hatred campaign to brainwash the white students and other ethnic groups’ respect, surrender the black students as the black supremacy in school and the society to shatter the country.

-The Democratic Communist Party resets the United States with Pavlov’s method to destroy fossil energy. The oil, gas, and freaking eliminate from the industry, the householders, transport with the electric cars, the livelihood. The Keystone Pipeline shut down with the label of the hoax climate change, and the Russian Federation acquired the energy weapons, then Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. The energy bight ties up European Union and hampered NATO while Russian Army created the genocide in Ukraine.

-The mongrel communist regime of Joe Biden, and its Democratic Communist Party targeted to kill the American generations, actually, millions of American unborn babies with the major white people would be killed by the genocidal abortive law, and the other millions of babies would not have enough of the powder milk. The terrible incident occurs in May 2022 when the millions of babies in the United States were hit by the powder milk shortage, it is incredible, and for the first time in the US history, the millions of babies of the superpower country have not enough of the milk powder for the newborn babies to six months old, so the American babies fall ill by lacking the nutrition. It is the shame of America, and also the responsibility of six Justices in the Supreme Court with Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Justice Amy Coney Barrett waived the lawsuits against the rigged election, and the coward traitor Mike Pence who distorted the authority of Senate Speaker to certify the 306 fraudulent electoral colleges of the loser Joe Biden to win the rigged election with 16% while the patriotic President Donald Trump won 84%, and 49 states out of 50 states. The United States was shattered, and the world was complicated by seven robbers with the wooden hammers in the United States. The trifling rigged election creates the public outage, the world laughs at the bush-obscurant constitution of 1871. Certainly, without the major RINOs in the Supreme Court and Mike Pence’s decision, certainly the political worm Joe Biden couldn’t rob the White House on January 20, 2021. The terrible disaster in America comes, the loss of Afghanistan, and the Biden War in Ukraine are the primary responsibility of the seven persons above, they are the traitors, and the primary culprits of the White House robbery. Therefore, the six Justices and Mike Pence have never repented, instead, they have never reacted and responded to the world and the American people, possibly, they should hide in the asshole, and have no shame.

Once again, the tragedy of the baby powder milk shortage is the responsibility of six Justices and Mike Pence when the 46th presidential Joe Biden is the executive culprit to create the milk shortage that is the cluster of culprits worsening every American person, and now the victims are millions of babies. The disaster comes from the 46th illegal president Joe Biden who doesn’t care about the American people including the babies, so Biden sends the baby powder milk to illegal migrants, the futuristic voters of Democrats. Initially, Joe Biden didn’t want to import the powdered milk, so the shortage rushed the parents to find the milk, therefore, they couldn’t have enough. The public pressure and condemnation urges Joe Biden to order 1.5 million 8-ounce bottles of three formula brands from Switzerland, and on May 29, 2022, an Australian company Bubs sent 27.5 million tins of baby formula to America after Joe Biden rushed to buy from Australia.

More than a year ago, the mongrel communist Joe Biden created the hell of communist paradise in the world’s wealthiest country, and all 330 million people were hit by the impoverishment to reset the new world order with the method of Pavlov. The jobless, petrol hikes and livelihood is threatened, and now the millions of babies become the victims of socialism. The worst conditions in America just occurred a year proved Joe Biden built America back from the era of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the 1990s. Therefore, Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey gang build back the corruption in the hell of communist paradise. On another hand, Joe Biden, and Democratic Communist Party are the enemies of the American people with the heartless methods to kill their livelihood, and the babies also target, he is the reaper of babies. The communist regimes like Vietnam oppress the alive people, actually, the components called counter-revolutionists, so after the Vietcong terror invaded South Vietnam on April 30, 1975, Vietcong concentrated from 800,000 to 1,000,000 members of ARVN (the South Vietnam Army) and the public servants into the hell of a re-education camp, the worst treatment killed more than 165,000 political prisoners, and the regime also dug up the graves of South Vietnam’s soldiers in the military cemeteries. Nowadays, in America, the mongrel communist party called Democratic Party kills unborn babies and also newborn babies as Vietcong did in Vietnam/.