The justice in America is distored and led by Mafia rules

By Hoa TruongApril 27, 2022

The fake democracy in America was debunked after the rigged election in 2020. The US president is decided by six Justices on the Supreme Court and Senate Speaker Mike Pence. Despite 103 million American people elected the 45th patriotic President Donald Trump in the second term with 2,497 counties or 84%. Instead, Sleepy Joe Biden just had 477 counties, or 16%, therefore, six Justices and Mike Pence robbed the outcome of the presidential election, and they selected the political worm Joe Biden to inaugurate on January 20, 2021. The bush-obscurant constitution of 1871 ties the Republic of America, and the fate of 330 million people has been held by the major Justices in the Supreme Court, Senate Speaker, and House Speaker. It is the garbage law in America

The legal system in America has been controlled and cornered by the dishonest lawyers, and the dishonest judges with Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton’s judges, and Justices in the Supreme Court, so the justice in America reflects the bush law or the Mafia’s rules. The twenty-first century is the era of the Black Supremacy, the dishonest lawyers and judges, and the communism covered globalization. The world, actually American people are the victims of the bush law called the constitution of 1871, and the bullshit legal system. Indeed, the dishonest lawyers practice the career is like the robbers with the paper-knife, and the dishonest judges, Justices are the robbers with the wooden hammer. The garbage legal system in America humiliates justice, morality, and social valuation, so the dishonest lawyers and judges respect the money more than justice with a distorted career to fear the people that shows the disaster of justice in the United States. The dishonest lawyers can tell the wrong to right, and approve the criminals escape the verdict if the client has good pay or a high profile of the Democratic Communist Party. The Perkin Coie law firm legalized the fake dossiers written by the former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele with $US 168,000, and another a million dollars of legal fees paid by Hillary Clinton. The false accusation exploited the bush law to impeach President Donald Trump with so-called Russia interfered in the presidential election in 2016 lost the fundament, and the conspiracy failed despite Democrats hiring the legal terrorist, or the legal hitman Robert Mueller to investigate the incident based on fake dossiers.

Democratic Justices on the Supreme Court imposed the same-sex marriage legislation of the 44th President Barrack Obama despite the major American people opposing it. The bullshit justice in America dodges the indictment of 32,000 emails of Hillary Clinton, the fraudulent charity of the Clinton Foundation, the corruption of Joe Biden, and family members, actually the laptop of Hunter Biden. Nevertheless, the cluster of corruption of high profiles in the Democratic Party like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Kamala Harris, and many powerful persons waived. Nevertheless, the impeachment is available for the presidential robber Joe Biden who has enough the conditions to apply the 25 Amendment while the bullshit justice always focuses on the patriotic President Donald Trump from the riot at Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, arrayed by Democrats, and the other false accusations continue to pursue Donald Trump.

The mid-term congressional election urges the Democratic Communist Party to attack the patriotic President Donald Trump when the Biden War in Ukraine can not stray from the terrible hell of communist paradise created by Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. Recently, New York Attorney General Leititia James, the robber with the wooden hammer issued the bullshit court order to fine $US 10,000 a day if the patriotic President Donald Trump doesn’t provide the tax returns. Certainly, the robber with the wooden hammer Letitia James doesn’t understand the law because the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is authorized to show the tax returns, not the judge, Justice in the Supreme Court, even Congress, and Senate. How can New York Attorney General Leititia James apply the law?

If the robber with the wooden hammer, New York Attorney General Leititia James wants to attack the patriotic President Donald Trump, initially, the New York Court must require IRS to provide the tax returns, and Donald Trump has the right to reject whoever, including Chief Justice John Roberts, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to know the tax returns of anyone and Donald Trump. Certainly, the robber with the wooden hammer of New York Attorney General Leititia James wrongly applies the law. Certainly, President Donald Trump has his legal team to protect privacy. Nevertheless, after the doomsday of November 8, 2022, when the Republican Party would control the Senate and Congress, the legal tool of Democrats like New York Attorney General Leititia James should be impeached and face criminal charges with the distorted legal career/.