Representative Jennifer Wexton serves for her gang

By Hoa TruongJune 10, 2022

The Democratic congresswoman Jennifer Lynn Wexton was born on May 27, 1968, in Washington D.C, she is the hardcore of the hidden communist party in the United States labeled the Democratic Party, the most dangerous mongrel communist party in America to destroy the industry of the world’s wealthiest country with the label of the hoax climate change, the Black Supremacy divides the unity of America, the den of corruption, and treason. Indeed, the Democratic Party reflects the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang is hidden under the political party with the demagogic policies cheating the innocent people. The rhetoric slogan of the first Muslim, communist, black President Barrack Obama in the presidential election in 2008 propagated” yes we can change” and in the presidential election in 2020, the US greatest traitor Joe Biden released the slogan” build back better” conflicted the significance, and created the dire consequences ever in the US history. Do not trust what the communists talk about, let’s watch what the communist did.

Certainly, the MAFIA and the bandit gangs have no honest persons, so the politicians of Democrats couldn’t find a patriot, instead, the traitors, so the corrupt, treasonous politicians inundated the Congress, Senate, the Liberal judges including the Democratic Justices and the RINOs in the Supreme Court. The Democratic Communist Party has applied the Bush law, and the treasonous politicians could exchange the national interest with their favors, the individual privileges, and the foreign enemies like China’s Communist Party could buy the country when the leader of the Democrats controls the White House. The presidential robber Joe Biden places the United States for sale to China after Hunter Biden behaved Joe Biden received $US 1.5 billion from China, and Russia paid $US 3.5 million for Biden’s family, so the presidential robber Joe Biden shut down Keystone Pipeline, then Russian Federation controls the oil, and gas in Europe plus America. The bloodshed in Ukraine comes from the 46th illegal president Joe Biden, so the Ukraine invasion reflects the BIDEN WAR that was paid for by the US taxpayers. The Biden War perpetuates when the Democratic Communist Party wants to stray the horrible failures of Joe Biden, and the real face of the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang to destroy America to the grassroots

Democratic congresswoman Jennifer Lynn Wexton, an American lawyer, was elected the US representative for Virginia’s 10th congressional district in 2019. Nevertheless, from 2014 to 2019, Democratic congresswoman Wexton was a member of the Virginia Senate, the people recognized Mrs. Wexton couldn’t compete with the heavyweight comrade in the Senate, so she chose the good electoral unit with a swing of 12 points. Therefore, the midterm congressional election will be held on November 8, 2022, doesn’t like the last election because her great leader, the treasonous specialist, corrupt king, the global social dreg, and the imbecile zombie Joe Biden is the first 46th illegal president in the US history to make America worsens ever (MAWE). The mongrel communist or mongrel ape, the animal covered human body Joe Biden becomes the American people’s hostility reflects the reaction against the greatest traitor Joe Biden with the public slogan” let’s go Brandon” welcoming the political worm, and the untold genocide’s culprit of the Vietnam War, the tragedy in Afghanistan, the bloodshed in Ukraine and 330 million American people are impoverished by the communist methods of Joe Biden. The victims of tyrant Joe Biden are more than 500 million people. However, the legal safety network in the United States with Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama’s judges, and the Supreme Court covered up the greatest genocide in human history, actually, Joe Biden becomes the hatest face in America and the world. His face causes the massive loss of audience of the left stream media companies that unmasked the super liar Joe Biden bragging about 81,000,000 voters in the rigged election ìn 2020. However, the American people and the world knew the ghost ballots came from dominion plus the names of dead people in the cemeteries created the fraudulent victory of Joe Biden.

The most dishonest lawyers relate to the Democratic Communist Party, and the dishonest senior lawyers appointed judges to multiple levels including the Supreme Court, they are the legal thugs in America. Unfortunately, the patriotic President Donald Trump appointed three Justices are Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, therefore the Justices turned the robbers with the wooden hammers, and they lined up with Chief Justice John Roberts (appointed by President George W. Bush) to stab in the back President Donald Trump, so the rigged election in 2020 dismissed although the blatant evidence and a thousand witnesses proved. The incident humiliated the justice in America, the Supreme Court transformed into the Supreme Shit with six Justices of shit. The role of major RINO Justices in the Supreme Court become the original culprits of the White House robbery on January 20, 2021, and the coward traitor Mike Pence distorted the Senate Speaker’s career to certify the 306 fraudulent electoral colleges, and the political worm Joe Biden illegally inaugurated with the presiding of Chief Justice John Roberts, and the protection of the National Guard commanded by robotic Major General William Walker.

Certainly, the US greatest traitor Joe Biden committed the corruption, treason, and the henchman of China’s Communist Party. Moreover, the social dreg Joe Biden contracted a serious mental health illness during the presidential campaign. However, the 25 Amendment has not applied to impeach Joe Biden because the Democratic Communist Party controls Congress, Senate, and the major Justices in the Supreme Court turned RINOs. The Democratic politicians and Congress, and Senate have helped the 46th illegal president Joe Biden to impose the hell of communist paradise in the United States. The dire consequences have tortured 330 million American people, their livelihood is threatened, and the world is complicated. The original culprits are six Justices in the Supreme Court and Mike Pence, and the current culprits are the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang who occupied the majority in Congress and slightly controlled the Senate, so Joe Biden escaped the impeachment based on the 25 Amendment, and sitting above the law. Certainly, Democratic congresswoman Jennifer Lynn Wexton contributed to the disaster of America, she has carried out the job to serve her gang, not the American people, and the United States. It is the characters of the communists and mongrel communists who always put the party first. Leader of Vietcong terror, genocide, and pedophile Hồ Chí Minh thoughts quote” thà mất nước, chứ đừng để mất đảng, bảo vệ đảng như con ngươi trong tròng mắt” (losing the country is rather than losing the party, protect the party as the pupils in the eyes).

The false and sham accusation of the riot that occurred on January 6, 2021, comes from the thuggish Democratic Congress. Certainly, Representative Jennifer Lynn Wexton stands alongside the political sorceress Nancy Pelosi. Moreover, Nancy Pelosi led her Blue Donkey MAFIA gang to kneel the serious felony George Floyd paying the respect, actually, Representative Jennifer Lynn Wexton joined the kneeling line at the Capitol Hill, the shame of America. The House Select Committee gathered major members of the Blue Donkey MAFA gang and some RINOs to use the Congress as the people’s court in China, Vietnam, and other hell of communist paradises. The function of Congress (lawmaker) distorted to the people court of communists to denounce publicly the opponents, the main wick hunt focusing on the patriotic President Donald Trump and the advisors like Steve Bannon, actually Professor Peter Navarro arrested by the FBI, the tool of Blue Donkey MAFIA gang to terrorize American people. The role of Democratic Representatives is to protect the bush law, the traitors, corruption, and other crimes, so the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang does need Democratic Congresswoman Jennifer Lynn Wexton, instead, the people don’t want the gang controlling the Capitol Hill, Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court.

The active Lawyer Jennifer Lynn Wexton married lawyer Andrew Wexton in 2001, the people doubt the robbers with the paper-knife making money from the legal loopholes and the sly legal practices. The position in Congress and Senate is a great opportunity for corrupt politicians, the politics enrich the business and corruption. The network of Andrew Wexton estimates $US 6 million like Paul Pelosi who made millions of US dollars. Mostly, the politicians of the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang are millionaires and billionaires.

The rigged election in 2020 worsens the Republic of America, the victims of Joe Biden (Barrack Obama stands behind zombie Biden), and the Democratic Communist Party are 330 million people. The victims do want the culprits to pay for the crimes and expel them from Congress, Senate, the Supreme Court, RINOs, and the government’s system as soon as possible. The mid-term congressional election is going to polls on November 8, 2022, which is a vital opportunity for the victims to stand up to boycott the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang. The Republican candidates for the Congress, Senate, and the governors were ready to join the political battle with the support of major American people including the concerned Democrats woke up after suffering the petrol hikes, the uncontrolled inflation, the unleashing border, the riots of Black Lives Matter-Antifa, actually, the mongrel communist Joe Biden is an actual henchman of China’s Communist Party. Among them, the former Navy Seal Colonel Hung Cao contests with the member of Blue Donkey MAFIA gang Jennifer Lynn Wexton in Virginia’s 10th congressional district. Former Navy Seal Colonel Hung Cao comes from a family’s victim of Vietcong terror, he has lived in the United States, and choosing America as his second homeland, he told the Vietnamese refugees in the nomination campaign in California” my heart is America, and my blood is the Vietnamese”. The bloody experiences of the communism of candidate Hung Cao can help the Republican Congress to fight against the mongrel communists in America, and the United States will get back democracy, and eliminate the evil communism, or the globalization ousts from society and education. The well-known writer of the Wall Street Journal, actor Matthew Hennessey said” I never thought I’d live to see the day half of Democrats would toss the whole country to the wolves if given the chance.”
The 46th illegal president Joe Biden hates the communism experts like Colonel Hung Cao, Major General Lương Xuân Việt, so the communists joined the staff of Marxism-Leninist-Maoists Four Stars General Mark Milley and former Four Stars General Lloyd Austin fired the concerned commanders and other patriotic commanders in the US Army. However, former Navy Seal Colonel Hung Cao doesn’t give up the fight against the hidden communist party in America. After 25 years served in the US Army, he does want to fight against the mongrel communists in America to keep the second homeland to eliminate evil communism. His indomitable spirit convinced the residential voters in the 10th congressional district, and the people nominated candidate Hung Cao who will expel the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang’s member Jennifer Lynn Wexton on November 8, 2022. The MAGA (Make America Great Again) candidate Hung Cao confronts the MAWE (Make America Worsens Ever) candidate Jennifer Lynn Wexton. The hell of the communist paradise of mongrel communist Joe Biden, and the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang aroused the American people, including the voters of the 10th congressional district. Whoever pays the highest price of petrol, suffering the terrible inflation in 40 years, the terrorization of the Black Lives Matter-Antifa, the social mayhem by the unleashed border, the Black Supremacy using to denounce publicly the people plus the students, the Biden War in Ukraine, and many disasters made by Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang, all are the victims of Joe Biden and the Democratic politicians. The people’s power will decide the victory of Republicans getting back their freedom, and America returning the boom time of Donald Trump who made America great again, the ally trusted, the enemies feared, the domestic thugs appalled and the world will have no war/.


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