The illegitimate Biden and valueless orders

Diem ‘Richard’ Nguyen
Liên Minh Bảo Thủ Mỹ Gốc Việt
Vietnamese Am
By Hoa TruongJune 14, 2022

When a terrorist, or a robber storms the building, the hostages are held, the lives of people are threatened, and the terrorist, or robber can ransack, or robs anything. Certainly, nobody including a business wants to deal with a terrorist, or a robber to make a profit because the illegal affairs have no guarantee, and all contracts are valueless. Nevertheless, whoever involves with the robber, the terrorist commits the accomplice. When the headquarters of the police department is stormed by a robber, or a terrorist wearing the police uniform, and the ranking of the police chief, certainly, the police officers have never comply the orders of a terrorist, or a robber, instead, the police force must crash down, and arrest the criminal. Unfortunately, the presidential robber Joe Biden, and vice-presidential robber Kamala Harris stormed the White House with the protection of the US Army, the local police force, the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service agents, and the Democratic Congress, Senate plus the Supreme Court. The ugly democracy in the United States humiliated the world’s superpower and the symbolic democracy on the planet. American people feel shame, therefore the top social class in the United States pride the bush law, even the presidency could be robbed, so America is no longer praised as the promised land, but instead of the land of bush law. The legal system, courtrooms, the Supreme Court, and the investigating bodies have plenty of the robbers with the paper-knife, and the robbers with the wooden hammers.

On January 20, 2021, the 46th illegal president Joe Biden, and the vice-presidential robber Kamala Harris stormed the White House with the rigged election, everyone recognized it except the accomplices like former Attorney-General William Barr who ignores the evidence, and joined the line of the robbers with the paper-knife to lie the public, the animal covered human body loses the minds, instead of the viral character, so William Barr couldn’t recognize the wrong and right. Despite six thuggish Justices in the Supreme Court waiving the rigged election, therefore, the blatant evidence and a thousand witnesses couldn’t conceal, and the distorted justice of six Justices in the Supreme Court reflected the bush law, and unconstitutional, the legal mobsters kill the law in America. The last stage of the White House’s robbery attended by Senate Speaker Mike Pence certified the 306 fraudulent electoral colleges of the political worm, treasonous specialist Joe Biden while 103 million American people elected the patriotic President Donald Trump in the second term.

The fake president Joe Biden with the illegal cabinet and the deceitful constitutional practice thrashed the Republic of America and destroyed the prestige of the world’s symbolic democracy on the planet. Certainly, the American people and the world knew the White House has no president, nor vice president, and the federal government is held in the hand of the illegal cabinet, or the political terrorists. Nevertheless, the Republicans occupied the major states with 36 states out of 40 states, plus the public outrage, so the presidential robber Joe Biden, vice-presidential robber Kamala Harris and the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang are isolated by the people, they are the enemies of people. Moreover, the world and allies knew the political worm Joe Biden is not the US president, so the foreign leaders disdain the imbecile, the global social dreg, zombie Joe Biden who does need the teleprompter in speech, and translation carries out from the Biden’s speech to English, it is the shame of America. The speech of mongrel ape Joe Biden is worse than Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and the high officials of the Ukrainian government. Six Justices of the Supreme Court and Mike Pence are shameless to legalize the 46th illegal president Joe Biden.

Certainly, the illegal president and the illegal cabinet are like the bandits storming the White House, so all executive orders and the foreign agreements are valueless while the American people do want to expel the presidential robber Joe Biden and vice-presidential robber Kamala Harry oust from the White House as soon as possible. However, the Blue Donkey MAFIA controls Congress, and Senate, so the distorted mouth mongrel ape Joe Biden escapes the impeachment based on the 25 Amendment. The 330 million American people suffer the horrible hell of the communist paradise from January 20, 2021, when the presidential robber Joe Biden holds the attorney power, the US Army, and the Congress, Senate.

However, the mid-term congressional election is going to poll on November 8, 2022, which is a great opportunity for 330 million American people to get back democracy and justice. The presidential robber Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang panic the dire consequences are inevitable after Republicans controlled Congress and Senate, and the political terrorists fear the doomsday. The Republicans reflect the people, and national interest to expel and force the political terrorist paying their crimes:

1-The domestic issues:

-The rigged election in 2020 proves with the blatant evidence plus a thousand witnesses, actually, the Dominion helped Joe Biden to acquire the ghost ballots, plus the names of dead people in cemeteries. Certainly, no one believes the life’s political worm Joe Biden got 81,000,000 ballots as the animal-covered human body boasts. Unfortunately, the T.V shows of Joe Biden debunked Joe Biden’s ballots coming from the underworld with a very small numerous audience. Nevertheless, the hateful, and ugly face of Joe Biden causes the left-stream animal television networks to lose a massive audience, so Biden contributes to the disaster of media companies. When Republicans control the Congress and Senate, the rigged election will be on the table, and a Republican can introduce the bill with the evidence, then the bill easily passes the Congress and Senate. The 46th illegal president Joe Biden, the vice-presidential robber Kamala Harris commit treason, the White House’s robbery, and the illegal cabinet, the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang will not escape the convictions. The culprits must pay for the crimes of the rigged election, and Democrats will pay all costs of the election in 2020 plus the legal fees, and the compensation for President Donald Trump, a victim of the presidential robbery. If Democrats can not pay, the government can seize the assets and the Democratic Party will file the bankruptcy, the Blue Donkey MAFIA will disband, and the super gang should be ended.

-The illegal executive orders of the 46th illegal president Joe Biden destroyed the national economy, so Biden will face the criminal charge, and his assets should be seized, the life sentence is waiting for Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, the family members, and the high profiles of the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang.

-The next US president (Republican) has no responsibility for the debts that the 46th illegal president Joe Biden borrowed, so the legal federal government has the right to reject the debts raised by the illegal president Joe Biden.

-The left stream animal media companies and the big tech involved in the rigged election, actually, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bribed $US 400 million to the judges and the polling officials in the swing states, the law will not tolerate them.

-The Republican Senators can use the constitutional power to impeach six Justices in the Supreme Court because they were involved in the presidential robbery.

2-The foreign agreements are valueless, the 46th illegal president Joe Biden doesn’t represent the United States. Instead, Joe Biden is the terror leader of the Blue Donkey MAFIA gang. The people in Afghanistan can sue Joe Biden at the International Court, and the Ukrainian people can do the same because Joe Biden is the radical culprit of the Ukraine invasion or the BIDEN WAR. There are many foreign leaders who rejected talking with Joe Biden because they know Biden is not the US president. Some foreign leaders reluctantly attended the summits with the illegal president Joe Biden, although they seem not to respect, and confirm the distorted mouth robber Joe Biden. Nevertheless, the vice-presidential robber Kamala Harris shows an ugly face in America and overseas, the world and American people scorn the robber with the terrible laugh that is her job in the White House.

The crimes of Joe Biden and the Blue Donkey MAFIA are a saga, actually, the domestic thugs panic the dire consequences will come after November 8, 2022, so the political terrorists in the White House try to do something, therefore the rescue plan is impossible when the people deploy the sky net and divine justice to punish the traitors. It is a farce when the White House is robbed by the male political mongrel ape Joe Biden who has a distorted mouth and the female bed mongrel ape Kamala Harris with the ugly laugh which is the main job the Kamala Harris/.