Vaca Lần Đầu Tiên Lâm Trận – Leroy V Quintana – 101st Airborne division

ACE Thân quý,

Anh Michael Đỗ là một cựu chiến sĩ Quân lực VNCH, bạn đồng tù với tuấn tại trại giam Z 30C hàm Tân, anh viết rất nhiều tác phẩm, tài liệu trung thực về những chiến binh VNCH bị bỏ quên bởi giới truyền thông Hoa Kỳ. Đã đến lúc người Việt trong và ngoài nước hãy tỉnh thức, vì sự thật hiện ra dưới ánh mặt trời, đã trở lại xua đuổi bóng đêm u mê mà cộng sản Việt Nam khoe khoang đại thắng mùa xuân!

Từ đó, chúng ta cũng cần tỉnh táo đến những tuyên truyền của bọn "Vẹt" (xin mượn tiếng của anh Vũ Linh) trong cộng đồng. Hãy chứng tỏ cho bọn T4 này biết là chúng ta thông minh hơn bầy "Vẹt".


Nhân nghe đến Sư Đoàn 101 Nhảy Dù chợt nhớ những chuyện mà chúng ta cần biết: Báo chí, tài liệu, phim ảnh Mỹ, khi viết về các trận đánh giữa Đồng Minh (Mỹ và Việt) với VC thường bỏ qua sự có mặt của Quân Lực VNCH (dù có những trận mà quân lính VNCH lập công đầu, cũng bị phía Mỹ họ chiếm đoạt công. Như trận chiếm Đồi 937 (Hamburger Hills).Trích trong A Day in the Iron Triangle Secret Zone trang 190-192:


And now, some American veterans, on social media, blamed the failure on our ARVN. They were so arrogant, infected with racism and superiority complex when looked down on us as “little bastards, gooks, hard to teach.”

We would like you guys to research to realize that there were soldiers of the ARVN 37th Ranger Battalion in the defense of Khe Sanh in 1972; the AVN Marines and Infantry fought alongside the USMC for 21 days in the retaking of Hue’s old citadel. It was the Vietnamese infantrymen who raised the flag at the pole in the citadel. The American movies never showed these facts.

It was the 2/3 Battalion of the ARVN 1st Infantry who put their feet on top of Hill 937 (The Hamburger Hill) while soldiers of the US 101st Airborne stalled due to the enemy’s heavy fire.

Quoted from the report of Colonel Wilson C. Harper, Chief of Command and Control Division of the US-Military Assistance Command, Vietnam on 22 May 1969:

On May 19, 1969, 2/3 ARVN conducted a combat assault on LZYC324976 and began moving to positions on the southeast side of Hill 937, in preparation for four battalions’ attack on 20 May 1969. Three battalions from the 3rd Airborne Brigade, 101st Division progressed to a multi-battalion attack which began 201030H. The advance of 2/3 was extremely rapid due to the use of the high-speed trail and light enemy resistance. They were the first to reach the top of Hill 937 and assaulted positions vicinity YC329980. The 3/187 was meeting heavy resistance on their axis of attack. The 2/23 ARVN went to assist by moving N along Hill937 and relieving the pressure. However, friendly fire from 3/187 prevented 2/3 ARVN from moving close. The 2/3 then moved on the reverse slope of the southeast of the hill.”

End quote.

This information was later reconfirmed in The Abrams Tapes, 1968-1972: “So the facts are the first people to the crest was [sic] the ARVN.”[1]

Many other brilliant victories of the ARVN were never mentioned in any American documents or movies. Such as:

– The great victory in the enemy’s General Offensive in 1968. We killed more than fifty thousand enemies, captured 6000 others, and destroyed the whole enemy’s infrastructure in South Vietnam.

– The siege of An Loc where we encountered the enemies that outnumbered us 6 to 1. We held the city for two months amid hundreds of waves of enemy attacks by infantry and tanks T-54. We received about 80 thousand rounds of various kinds of canons, rockets, and mortars.

– The 92nd ARVN Ranger Battalion was sieged and attacked by the enemy’s forces that outnumbered 9 to 1. They held the base for more than eighteen months

– A Vietnamese Navy SEAL – Corporal Nguyen Van Kiệt – was one of the 2-man team who rescued Lt Colonel Iceal Hambleton who had been shot down in the enemy’s area south of the DMZ. Kiet was awarded the Navy cross, but in the movie featuring the rescue, there was not a word about him. Even Colonel Hambleton did not mention this savior!

End quote