Late news for 1/5/2023

The Coup We Never Knew: Victor Davis Hanson

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We are beginning to wake up from a nightmare to a country we no longer recognize…

THU JAN 5, AT 11:40 PM

US Destroyer Enters Taiwan Strait As New China FM Argues "World Is Wide Enough" For Both Powers
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US-China competition "should not be a zero-sum game," argues new FM Qin Gang.

THU JAN 5, AT 10:40 PM

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro said Thursday on “The Five” that she was “angry” at the House Republicans refusing to back Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for Speaker of the House.

Pirro said, “I’m angry about it. They’re making the Republicans look ridiculous. First of all, I like Kevin McCarthy. Why wasn’t this done ahead of time? Why are we doing this in front of the public? We look like a bunch of fools. And Lauren Boebert – you know, with all due respect – the woman barely won her race. You’re holding out until Kevin falls. What is the alternative? What do you want? What is the option? What can people agree on? You want the Republicans to get the Democrats to get a speaker of the House?”

She continued, “This is an embarrassment. It has gone on long enough. It should’t happen this way.”

California’s Trans Law Makes Prisons "Unsafe" For Women: Former Inmate

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“It’s the worst human science project I’ve ever seen,”

THU JAN 5, AT 11:00 PM

Biden: "The World Is Not A Patch In Our Jeans"

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…wait, what?

THU JAN 5, AT 9:40 PM