Vaca Now Hiring Illegals for Peace Officers!

Alarming California Law Now Allows Illegal Aliens to Apply for Employment in Law Enforcement!
Dear Patriots,

California passed a bill that went into effect this month allowing illegal immigrants who acquire work permits to apply for, train, and become police officers!

The bill cleverly describes these newly eligible ‘candidates’ as non-citizens.

Shockingly, it was the University of California Police Department that first brought this request to law makers as a creative solution to their staffing issues.

State Senator Nancy Skinner, author of Senate Bill 960, seized on this and publicly stated that this bill would not include ‘undocumented workers’ spinning the truth with her crafty messaging.

To make things perfectly clear, Skinner said this in no way applies to undocumented workers. She said a person has to have full legal work authorization, under federal law; people who pay taxes and have every ability to work legally in the U.S.

That qualifies nearly every detained adult that the Border Patrol has been forced to escort and set free to wander our country.

Most states only restrict eligibility to those who have been charged and convicted with a felony. However, Federal Law only charges aliens who cross illegally with a minor misdemeanor and small fine, again proving a pathway for massive employment hiring of illegal non-citizens to police US citizens.

We can’t have folks policing our neighborhoods with no working knowledge of our country’s history, values, and culture. Policing is about community and only members of our communities should qualify for this high calling!

The most alarming concerns about opening law enforcement eligibility to illegal aliens that have already proven they do not respect our laws and sovereignty include:

  • Exponential, record breaking illegal crossings competing for this job market
  • Cartel’s seizing operation control of our southern border
  • Cartel’s escalating violence in US Cities
  • Cartel’s profiting on the multi-billion-dollar human trafficking business, including Adult and Child Sex/Labor Slavery
  • Cartel escalating Fentanyl and Synthetic Drugs with seizures containing more than 379 million deadly doses, enough to kill every American!
When the US Border Patrol reports their concern that they are “losing operational control to the Cartels” at our southern border:
  • who traffic unlimited human cargo and infrastructure;
  • who are trained to claim asylum to receive a work permit and enter the country on parole;
  • who can NOW immediately apply for a law enforcement position;
  • and that would NOW allow the Cartel to infiltrate and corrupt our law enforcement agencies and turn them into an extension of the theatrical Mexican Police!
Citizenship Requirement for All Peace Officers!
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This is a dangerous policy and it’s one that other states and law enforcement agencies are entertaining to help fill the enormous needs for our depleted law enforcement agencies after the disastrous morale killing movements that continue to call for defunding the policy, crazy ‘cashless bail’, ‘Raise the Age’, ‘No Chase’, and the long list of unlawful stand down policies. Add that to the alarming trend of Soros funded radical District Attorney’s and their chaos revolving doors of injustice, forced vaccine mandates, and community leadership that contributed to demonizing our law enforcement community.

Our law enforcement needs their communities to embrace them and help them build trust and rapport and recruit from the communities they serve. They should have the support and funding of the city to help attract eligible men and women who are already invested in the communities they live in!

We must send a message to every state lawmaker and elected official to ONLY allow US citizens to police our communities before more states open the flood gates!

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