DOJ Closes In On Biden – Just Days Away From Destroying Him For Good

According to CBS News, the Justice Dept. (DOJ) is considering expanding its search for classified materials at more locations associated with President Joe Biden.

The possibility of future searches comes after the DOJ searched Joe Biden’s Wilmington home on Friday and found six more items with classified markings, according to Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer. The classified items’ content is unclear.

Bauer stated on Saturday that President Biden offered to let the FBI handle the DOJ-led investigation. It is unclear whether Joe Biden has offered to allow the DOJ to conduct more searches at places associated with Biden.

On January 14, the White House declared that all searches for secret materials had been completed.

The cache that was discovered on Friday is in addition to around 25 classified papers that Biden’s personal attorneys had discovered over the course of the previous few weeks at the Penn Biden Center and at Biden’s house.

Biden said on Thursday that he had “no remorse” over mishandling confidential information and that there was “no there there.” Biden’s personal attorneys discovered the classified materials on November 2, just days before the midterm elections.

“We’re fully working and looking forward to resolving this fast,” Biden added. “I believe you’re going to come to the conclusion that there is nothing there. I don’t have any regrets. I’m doing what the attorneys have instructed me to do. That is precisely what we are doing. There isn’t anything there.”

Despite their repeated assertions of transparency, the White House and DOJ decided to keep President Biden’s confidential document controversy hidden from the American people until it was leaked to the media, according to the Washington Post.

Some people have questioned the rationale of Biden’s personal attorneys originally looking for papers that had been improperly hidden by Biden. The White House has yet to offer an explanation for the initial purpose or cause of the search.

White House officials are reportedly worried about how Biden’s secret document controversy was leaked to the public after just a small group of Department of Justice and White House officials were aware of the violation.

Author: Steven Sinclaire