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Wrongly censored scientist seeks COVID-19 truth commission to expose ‘propaganda,’ censorship

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya says government and Big Tech played "malign role" colluding to create a false picture that all Americans faced the same risk from the virus and needed to follow identical mitigation strategies.

Senate Intel chair: Pilots were ‘discouraged’ from reporting suspicious flying objects for years


House GOP seeks FBI investigation into Biden appointee over espionage concerns


FBI searched University of Delaware for classified documents: Report

Billionaire John Paulson: You Need Gold, Not Dollars

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"…Other countries do not want to rely on the dollar as much as they have in the past…"

THU FEB 16, AT 7:45 AM

The FBI twice searched the University of Delaware in recent weeks for classified documents stashed by President Joe Biden and retrieved materials from two separate locations, according to a report Wednesday evening.