The essential technology made in China is dead

By Hoa Truong – February 26, 2023

The social purge of China’s Communist Party committed suicide after
the bloodshed campaigns of Mao Tse Tung destroyed the wealthy
components, the intellectuals, and the concerned Chinese people with
the public denouncement method applied throughout China’s mainland.
Chinese patriotism was replaced by communism or Maoism, the so-called
patriotism is led by communism deceiving the innocent Chinese people,
actually, the young generations become the bigot Maoist. The Culture
Revolution reflected that patriotism is led by socialism when the
young people are activating in the Red Guard to destroy China’s
culture at the grassroots. After more than seven decades, almost all
Chinese people’s minds were intoxicated by communism, so the Chinese
overseas students blindly believe in China’s Communist Party,
actually, the major Chinese students come from wealthy families in the
mainland, the propagandists in Western countries.

The terror, obscurantism, and impoverishment of China’s Communist
Party caused Chinese society to shatter, the members of the family
accused each other, and everyone was mutually distrusted. The morality
created by the religious faith as Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism,
the social rules for thousands of years were broken and wiped out
after China’s Communist Party robbed the authentic government of
Chinese people in 1949, the malevolent communism uprooted Chinese history.

The obscurantism of China’s Communist Party succeeded in China’s
mainland when the world’s largest population curbed the invention, and
China’s Communist Party controls the livelihood, the economy,
education, and free speech turned speech free. The revolutionary
communism in China’s mainland conflicts its significance when the low
education and the illiterate peasants professed terror, guerrilla war,
and aggression. Therefore, they couldn’t replace the careers of
academics, intellectuals, and potential people in the fields like
technology, science, medicine, and others. The bloodshed campaigns of
Mao Tse Tung caused the technological disadvantage to lag behind the”
capitalist”, and the famine currently occurred until US President
Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972. The fresh strategy of the
United States in the Cold War created an opportunity for China’s
Communist Party escaping the deadlock, and the failure of communism or
Maoism was made in China. The innocent Western leaders, the naïve
businesses, and the low-concerned investors rescued the world’s
largest communist population country. The ugly economic pattern
called” the free market is led by socialism” deceived the capitalist
countries, and China exploited the free market by doing sly business
and cornered the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, the
Human Rights Council, and the World Health Organization. The bribery
arrow succeeded to buy the US presidents like Bill Clinton, Hussein
Barack Obama, and now the 46th illegal president Joe Biden. China’s
growth comes from the potential losses of Western with the stolen
technology, stolen trademarks, and counterfeits. However, the global
hegemonic ambition urged China to launch the biological weapon as the
pose Uki Goshi of Judo. Unfortunately, the pandemic made by China’s
Communist Party hit the Chinese people on the mainland hard, and the
world abhors China, the culprit of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world
isolated China after the pandemic outbreak in December 2019 and
continues to boycott the products made in China. The world distrusts
China’s communist regime, and also the products made in China are
horrible, the socialist manner” work fudges, by the best report”
couldn’t be removed from the factories in the mainland.

Nevertheless, after the Covid-19 Zero eased, the pandemic re-outbreak
worsens the situation in China’s mainland. The world applies strict
restrictions for China travelers, and foreign tourists staying away
from the dead land. The import and export were nearly disabled, the
foreign companies moved out, and high technology followed the
disaster. According to Qichacha reports in 2022, there are 5,746 kinds
of chip orders canceled which caused the companies on China’s mainland
to shut down. The chip maker is the highest electronic technology
responding to the products including military equipment, so China’s
Communist Party invested billions of US dollars into the chip-making
companies. Before the pandemic, in 2018, China became the world’s
largest chip design provider with well-known companies like OmniVision
Technologies, Goodix Technology, Maxscend Microelectronics Company,
Giga Device, Guoxin Micro, Montage Technology, Ingenic Semiconductor
Company, Rayton Technology Company, and Amlogic. Certainly, the
electronic devices made in China couldn’t compare with the Western
companies including Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, therefore the
cheap prices made by Chinese companies. However, the negative aspects
of China appeared in the trade war with the potential
commander-in-chief Donald Trump. The virtual strength of China exposes
the mouthpiece, actually the high technology based on the burglary
that can not respond to the development. The propaganda of China’s
Communist Party, the media for sale, the report for hire, and the
journalist for rent in Western failed to mislead the world. The title
of the world’s second-largest economic center debunked the deception.
The debt recorded $US 28 trillion, and the cost of the Belt-Road
Initiative doubled from $US 8 trillion to $US 16 trillion suspending
the greatest hegemonic project of China’s Communist Party. Moreover,
the piratical stations in Indochina Pacific burdened the deficit
budget. After more than seven decades built the hell of a communist
paradize in China’s mainland, Chinese people woke up, and the world
recognized the rogue regime in Beijing conspiring to transform human
society into a total hell of a communist paradise.

Despite the current tyrant Xi Jinping’s wanting to revive the golden
time of China, the bonanza was over after the world including its
counterparts suffered the debt trap, and their sovereignty was
threatened. The trade of China doubted when the products made in China
met poor quality, poison, contamination, and short life. The
telecommunication industry lost its trust when the world discovered
that most China products installed spying devices. The giant company
Huawei lost the world’s market, actually, the ZTE Corporation, the
specialist telecommunication company owned by China’s communist
government, followed the fate of Huawei. The counterparts alert the
cyber spy unit 61389 of the People’s Liberation Army using the label’s
business of Huawei to carry out the espionage mission. Recently, the
Australian government alerts 900 cameras made in China installed on
the government’s buildings including the parliament in Canberra with
the spying devices, and the intelligence agency ASIO also dismantles
the espionage hive sowed in Australia, and China is among the

Almost, the electronics related to telecommunication were made in
China to carry out spy devices, so the world boycotted it, and some
governments banned it. This causes 5,746 kinds of chip orders to be
canceled, and the companies shut down when their products can not sell
around the world. The chip companies reflect the highest technology
comes from burglary. Certainly, the quality of stolen technology can
not compare with the original technology. Moreover, China exploited
the stolen technology to make electronic products, and also carry out
the spy-mission. The global hegemonic ambition of China was debunked,
and the world was alerted. The essential industry of China is dead/.