These States Are Making Americans Run Away Towards Greener Pasture

By Rebecca Marks

Why are Americans fleeing some states like New York? Is there a mass migration of Americans moving within the country?

Even before the turmoil of these past few months, Americans were already searching for better ways to live. For many, this process includes moving out of their home state and sometimes even out of the country. The reasons for which residents are leaving each state are varied.

However, there are recurring themes, such as high taxes, real estate prices, and employment rate, and one major migration factor is a career change. Additionally, some states are more attractive due to certain benefits, may it be a more affordable cost of living or a milder climate.


However, the cost of living is way above the national average, especially in Denver and Boulder. The traffic there is almost constant, and worse on weekends. Keep in mind that Colorado has a flat-tax system, meaning that everyone pays the same income tax rate of 4.63%.

Total outward moves: 46.6%

New Mexico

While you may enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the state, keep in mind that it was rated by Kiplinger as one of the least tax-friendly states, where Social Security, income, and pensions are all taxable.
Total outward moves: 43.9%


Snow and snowstorms are on the forecast for winters! The state has two additional taxes that residents have to pay, and the property tax is higher. Be also careful on the road, of other drivers and potholes.

Total outward moves: 51.2%


Tennessee is known to weather tornadoes during the tornado season, but the state is built to withstand the potential damages. However, in the summer be prepared for extreme heat – with humidity and July temperatures reaching 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware that there’s a lot of traffic in Tennessee.

Total outward moves: 43.9%

New Hampshire

However, peaceful living doesn’t come cheap. The cost of living in New Hampshire is relatively high compared to the national average. Although, with no income or sales tax you might make it work. Let’s not forget about the weather though, freezing winters and humid summers.

Total outward moves: 47.2%


The winters are gentle, and the sun is shining during most days of the year. Keep in mind that the low cost of living comes with low incomes. This might not be the best state to retire to as it was ranked third-worst in the nation on senior health.

Total outward moves: 49.8%


Although you might want to keep in mind the gloomy weather. Anticipate rainfall and eight months of grey sky. You might still get a couple of months of sunshine in the summertime. Despite having no sales tax, Oregon residents end up paying higher overall taxes, the State has one of the highest state income taxes – 9.9 percent.

Total outward moves: 34.3%