Markets To Yellen: ‘F**k Off’ | ZeroHedge

The Treasury Secretary tried to fix her faux pas from yesterday, editing some text from her prepared remarks

Deleted paragraph from March 22:

“As I said last week, the US banking system is sound. The federal government’s recent actions have demonstrated our resolute commitment to take the necessary steps to ensure that depositors’ savings remain safe.”

New paragraph on March 23:

“As I have said, we have used important tools to act quickly to prevent contagion. And they are tools we could use again. The strong actions we have taken ensure that Americans’ deposits are safe. Certainly, we would be prepared to take additional actions if warranted.

But she removed the “US banking system is sound”, sparking total chaos. (Bear in mind, as we detailed earlier, that ‘the math just doesn’t work’ for any industry-wide deposit insurance scheme, so what is she going to say?)