Joe Biden: Let’s go lick the world

“Vị Tổng Thống giỏi nhất nước Mỹ” kêu gọi:
“Let’s go lick the world”

Joe Biden on Thursday attended a banquet dinner at Dublin Castle after delivering a disastrous speech before the Irish Parliament.
Biden was totally out of his mind mumbling something about being a Biden.
“One of the things that she’d look at me say, ‘Joey, remember, remember who you are,’ like ‘you’re a Biden’ — like what the hell is a Biden? You know what I mean? I’m like, like I’m a, you know, anyway,” Biden said.
Then he dropped this gem.

Biden concluded his remarks by telling the banquet attendees to “lick the world.”
“Let’s go lick the world. Let’s get it done,” Biden said.
(Gateway Bundit)