UAW Member: I Won’t Vote for Biden Again, EV Subsidies Are Being Used Against Workers

On Friday’s broadcast of NewsNation’s “On Balance,” Stellantis employee and UAW member Kym Dieselberg stated that she would not vote for President Joe Biden again and that the auto companies are being stingier with workers because they know they’ll get gigantic electric vehicle subsidies.

Dieselberg stated, “We have Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who actually comes to our events and does stuff, which is really nice. And then we have Biden who won’t even pick a side. And I think today they said he did say that we do need it, which is nice for him to finally say something. But it is disheartening, because I voted for him and it breaks my heart.”

Please listen to the video at the below link:

Dieselberg answered, “No. I would not. Because when you make a promise and you say you’re something and you don’t come through — that’s why don’t like politics, because politicians — I hate to say it, but if someone was just honest, I think someone would get voted in.”

Vittert then asked, “Do you think part of the reason that the auto companies are, shall we say, being a little stingier is because they know they have such huge subsidies coming — from us, from the taxpayer — but from the federal government, because of the push towards electric vehicles and the subsidies for them?”

Dieselberg responded, “Absolutely. I think the money that they get from the government helps a lot for them, and that makes it easier for them, which is wrong.”