WATCH: Trump Says Biden ‘Not Too Old’ to Be President but Is ‘Grossly Incompetent’

Former President Donald Trump told Megyn Kelly that President Biden is “not too old” to be president, but he made it clear the 80-year-old is “grossly incompetent.”

Kelly asked Trump, 77, if he agreed with the popular sentiment that Biden is “too old to be president.” To the surprise of many, Trump did not agree.

“But if you go back 25 years, he wasn’t the sharpest tack, either,” Trump said of Biden.

When asked about rival Ron DeSantis’s claims that the GOP will lose their argument on age if Trump becomes the nominee, Trump argued that “if he’s [DeSantis is] the nominee, they’ll lose because he’s a lousy candidate.”

“So you know, I’d rather take on the age issue. I feel I’m physically, extremely good. I feel the same way I did 40 years ago. I mean, I feel as good as I’ve ever felt. Athletically, I’m just about as good as I ever was. I do certain things. I play golf, I win club championships and I beat people that are 25 years younger than me,” Trump added.

Trump’s remarks come as polls show Americans expressing the belief that there should be an age limit to be president.

A recent survey from the Economist/YouGov found most U.S. adults expressing the belief that there should be a “maximum age” to serve as president or in Congress, and that consensus remains across party lines.

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