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Please Always Pay Attention, Watch Out, Be More Careful! Theft and Robbery Have Been Increasing in San Jose City Recently!

(Photo: Suspect arrested at Gucci at Valley Fair Mall in San José, stealing approximately $50,000 worth of merchandise. Police are looking for the remaining suspects)

-The San José Police Department (SJPD) arrested a suspect in connection with an organized robbery and theft at Valley Fair Mall on October 5. SJPD statement identified the suspect as Shawn Pruitt, 27 year old, a resident of Henderson, Nevada, is also a wanted fugitive in his state.

Five masked men robbed the Gucci store and stole approximately $50,000 worth of merchandise.

An on-duty officer responded and successfully arrested one of the suspects, despite being assaulted.

With the assistance of mall security, two stolen wallets were recovered while the remaining suspects escaped.

Detectives with the San José Police Department’s Robbery Unit are investigating, using videos and evidence from the scene to identify the remaining suspects.

Pruitt was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail, charged with robbery, organized retail theft, possession of burglary tools, assault on an officer and for his outstanding warrants.

With the recent robbery in San José, investigators are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the remaining suspects. Detective Mendoza, of the San José Police Robbery Unit, urged anyone with information to contact the San Jose Police Department directly: 3506 or 408-277-4401.

Reckless! Last week, car theft, robbers crashed into a Vietnamese bakery in San Jose and took all the lottery tickets!

-A silver pickup truck driver intentionally crashed into Queen Bakery in San Jose early last Thursday morning, then stole lottery tickets, according to police and the store owner.

The Vietnamese-born owner said this is not the first time the 35-year-old bakery located on the 2800 block of Senter Road has been targeted by thieves. But this is the first time someone crashed into a store with a van to rob it.

“It was difficult,” Peter told Fox Radio, without giving his last name. “I have to deal with this. It's not safe here. Especially when people are doing business.”


(Photo: A truck crashed into Queen Bakery in San Jose early morning September 28, 2023.)

The owner said the theft alarm company called him at 3:30 a.m. When he checked the store using the phone app, he saw a truck inside the store. He immediately asked the company to call the police.

Peter watched the surveillance video and saw a person looking at the store before crashing the truck into the bakery. And then he saw that person take a bunch of lottery tickets and some cash.

Video footage at the crime scene showed that the truck had no license plate and had to be pulled out from inside the bakery.

The store had broken windows and other damage. Lottery boards dangled from the ceiling, smashed lottery boxes were scattered on the floor.

Despite being robbed, Peter still opened the bakery, even though the workers spent most of the day installing the new front glass door.

Peter notified the California Lottery about the incident at the bakery.

“We can disable those scratch tickets remotely in just a few minutes. Because of that, they become pieces of paper that have no value anymore,” said Carolyn Becker, California Lottery spokeswoman.

Becker added, “Our lottery retailers, our affiliates that sell tickets every day, are not immune to crime in California.”

The suspect in Thursday's case is still at large



A series of San Jose commercial establishments were boldly robbed, like in the movies!

-A series of commercial establishments in San Jose were boldly robbed in the middle of the night, in which the robbers broke in by driving straight into the window, according to CBS

This situation has caused headaches for many commercial establishment owners in recent months.

(Image: Security camera captured the suspect using a car to break into a commercial facility in San Jose, California.)

“Robbers always break windows and front doors. They once broke into this restaurant and robbed the safe, taking the safe away,” said Arturo Gutierrez, owner of the Burrito Factory restaurant.

Despite being robbed at least four times in recent years, Mr. Arturo considers himself lucky because the solid metal door did not collapse during the recent robbery.

However, just a few steps away, SF Smoke Shop became the victim of this daring robbery Monday night. The group of robbers slammed down the door, broke in and escaped before the police arrived.

“That same night, the same group of suspects attempted to rob the city of Santa Clara, but at that time, Santa Clara County police were present and intervened. The group of suspects fled, but fortunately, county police arrested three teenagers,” said Sergeant Jorge Garibay, spokesman for the San Jose Police Department (SJPD).

These three young suspects are being held at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall.

Robbers often use stolen cars, especially Kia and Hyundai cars, to crash into commercial establishments and take goods or anything they find, Mr. Garibay explained.

Police are trying to stop the increasing number of robberies of this type.

Police recently achieved significant success as they investigated a series of tobacco store robberies this year, arresting a prime suspect in eight of them.

Even though many suspects were arrested, business owners like Mr. Arturo still suffered great losses. Replacing the damaged door alone costs about $1,500, which he doesn't have enough money to constantly replace.

Kia and Hyundai cars are increasingly targeted by thieves after videos spread on social networks showing how to steal these two car models. The number of Kia cars from the 2010-2021 model year and Hyundai cars from the 2015-2021 model year being stolen and used for robbery is increasing, SJPD said.

Many cars of these two South Korean companies at that time did not have an "immobilizer" anti-theft system.

To solve this situation, recently, these two companies updated software for 3.8 million Hyundai cars and 4.5 million Kia cars. Meanwhile, the Attorney General of California as well as many other states criticized the car for not having an "immobilizer" and demanded that these two companies recall the car.



San Jose: Arrested a gang of juvenile criminals, robbed and broke into dozens of cars!

– According to television station KRON4, the San Jose Police Department on Monday arrested four juvenile suspects related to a series of stolen car break-ins, including one who may be involved in several cases.

At about 2:48 p.m. on Sunday, September 10, authorities received reports of a series of break-ins on about 50 cars in the South and West areas of the city.

Police patrol identified two suspicious vehicles with evidence. Then a white 4-seater Hyundai stolen by robbers was found in the above area. Police used cameras that automatically read license plates to locate a 2013 black Land Rover SUV, which was stolen from Sunnyvale.

The four suspects fled the scene, but were chased and arrested by police.

Authorities warn people to be vigilant and avoid being broken into, stolen or carjacked.

• Do not leave valuables in the car or trunk.

• Do not lower the windows or open the car's sunroof.

• Lock the car carefully, do not leave the key in the car, and do not leave the garage door lock in visible places.

• Do not leave items containing personal information in the vehicle.

Additionally, parking in well-lit areas, and being alert before leaving your vehicle, can also help reduce the possibility of theft or carjacking.

San Jose Police urge the public to review surveillance video in the area of Willow Glen and South San Jose, from Willow Street, to Glen Eyrie Avenue and Ashbrook Circle from the evening of September 9 to the morning of September 10. Anyone with information or surveillance video related to commercial break-ins should contact Detective Potwora #3506 San Jose Police Department Intrusion Unit: 3506 or 408-277 -4401.