CNN Drops Bomb on Joe Biden Campaign – Is He Already Finished?

Democrats were shocked when a recent New York Times poll revealed Joe Biden was losing to Donald Trump in several key swing states.

These are must-win states for everyone, states Biden “won” in 2020. Now, they are seemingly flipping in favor of Trump, despite the left’s ongoing attempts at election interference.

Now, Democrats should be really panicking, because CNN just released an inconvenient report. Looks like all of Biden’s critical failures are catching up with him.

A new national poll conducted by CNN has found that if Donald Trump and Joe Biden were to have a rematch in 2024, the former president would come out on top over his successor.

Trump holds a 4-point lead over Biden, garnering 49 percent to his 45 percent among registered voters.

According to the poll, there is very little room for either candidate to gain support. 51 percent of those polled said there was no chance at all that they would vote for Biden in 2024 compared to 48 percent who said the same about Trump…

Additionally, only 25 percent of Americans, including just 51 percent of Democrats, say Biden has the stamina and sharpness needed to carry out the duties of president. [Source: The Post Millennial]

National polls are far less accurate than state-by-state polls since presidential elections are a state-by-state battle. On top of that, CNN and other outlets are notorious for selectively polling to get the outcomes they want.

So, for CNN to release a poll that has Trump winning by four percent should really have Democrats terrified. With all the tampering CNN probably did with this poll, they still couldn’t spin it in Trump’s favor.

There were other factors that were bad news for Biden. Seventy percent of Republicans polled said they were motivated to vote next year. Only 61% of Democrats said that same thing.

This could be a critical factor in the next election. Biden has been failing repeatedly, is showing signs of physical and mental decline, and is fending off impeachment and bribery charges. All of that amounts to a weak candidate few voters will be excited to re-elect.

Meanwhile, Trump’s support base believes he was robbed in 2020. They think he is the right man to reverse Biden’s disastrous policies. And every time Democrats launch a new attack on him, Trump gains more supporters.

Even if Democrats go to the polls simply to vote against Trump, that might not be enough to stop his momentum.

Democrats have been mulling finding a late-entry primary challenger to Biden. They better start acting fast.

Author: Bo Dogan