Bodhi Online Class for this coming Saturday from 9AM – 11AM

Dear Lara:

We would like to confirm with you about our schedules and classes for this semester:

1. The schedule is every two weeks starting from July 23rd, 2022.

2. We will teach 2 classes
a. 101 from 9am – 10am
b. 104 from 10am – 11am

Class 101 is for beginners, we will use old materials that we taught last semester.
Class 104 is for intermediates.

As we promised our former students, we will teach them how to make "intelligent" conversation and how to make friends in this coming class.

Besides teaching them another language, to help them find a job and earn money honestly, we would like to teach them to be a better person – building character and learning etiquette.

Please review the attachment.

I may add more later.

Hopefully it’s enough for our first class.

With Metta,

Minh Anh

Minh Anh Truong Nguyen

104_Lesson 1_July 23_2022.pdf