Instruction to use Android with Pulse SMS+

Hi All

1) Searching apps Pulse SMS + on Android and downloading. You should get a free trial for 7 days and 1.99 per month or 19.99 per year with the membership/

2) Create a Login name and password from your Android. Normally the login name is your email address.

3) go to Browser on the Tablet / Laptop/desktop and login with the login name and password that you have created.

4) Reading the attachment to help setting on the phone.

5) Try out with a few friends that you know cell numbers and send them in the same text. They are supposed to receive the text message individually.

By doing this, you choose pulse SMS + as your default message set up to send and receive .. not Samsung/Android ..

I have used this system to send text messages during Recall Newsome in Project to send out 100K to Vietnamese American living throughout California. And yet, I have sent 3000+ message to Asian District 10 VA in supporting
Hung Cao for Congress during the Primary.