2022 will be remembered as Year of the Twitter Files

Dear VACA followers and readers,

VACA is committed to protect Freedom and The US Constitution. The release of Twitter Files revealed serious corruptions between US government agencies and private social media companies (Twitter et.al.) in their collusions to suppress information, spreading disinformation and blacklisting innocent Americans. The evidence points to clear violation of the Constitution with possible criminality by the parties involved. This is a matter of grave concern to ALL American, not just Right vs Left or Democrats vs Republicans.
The Twitter Files are summarized brilliantly in this article from Just the News website, please click on the link to read:
Ten major revelations exposing extent of government pressure on Big Tech to censor Americans | Just The News

Similar report can also be seen here:
What We’ve Learned From the Twitter Files So Far – AMAC – The Association of Mature American Citizens

The seriousness of the transgression revealed by the Twitter Files to American of all stripes is described here:
Why the Twitter Files Are in Fact a Big Deal

I urge everyone to contact the respective Congressperson of your district (1) and Senators of your state (2) serving in the new US Congress (2023) to demand a thorough investigation of the Twitter Files affair to hold agencies and government officials involved accountable for their unlawful activities and take legislative actions to prevent similar transgressions in the future.
Let’s make 2022 Year of the Twitter Files, a historical landmark for a better USA where freedom and justice prevail over corrupted governmental interferences.
Happy New Year 2023.

Pham Hieu Liem, MD