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Report: FBI Conducted Previously Undisclosed Search at Penn Biden Center in November

The FBI searched the Penn Biden Center in mid-November after President Joe Biden’s attorneys found documents with classified markings at the think tank earlier that month, according to a report published Tuesday by CBS.

Biden Family Corruption, COVID Origins, Weaponized Government, And Border Crisis: House GOP Kicks Off Investigations

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"Republicans had been plotting extensive investigations into the Biden administration for more than a year before the midterm elections…"

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Exclusive — Banks Presses Biden: Release Classified Swalwell, Fang Fang Intelligence Report

Matthew Boyle

Graham on Trump 2024: No One Else ‘Could Do What He Could’

Jeff Poor

We Just Witnessed An Economic Sign That Hasn’t Happened Since The Peak Of The Great Depression In 1932

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Economic conditions are much worse than you are being told…

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