I am a world-record ‘human cyborg’ — with 52 implants in my body

By Alexandra Klausner

She’s got a magnetic personality — literally.

Anastasia Synn, 48, from Tehachapi, California, now holds the Guinness World Record for the woman with the most technological implants in her body.

The self-made cyborg and performer has 52 implants — including the largest magnet ever to be implanted inside a person, Guinness says.

She also boasts a magnetic implant in the tragus of her ear that emits sound. She can hear inside her head with a copper wire or a Bluetooth receiver — and has a host of other special abilities.

“Finding someone’s lost earring backing has also come in very handy throughout the years,” she told Guinness of her magnetic powers.

She can open locks, as well as turn on computers, because about half her implants are microchips.

Synn, who hails from Toronto, initially liked the idea of being able to program implanted chips with her phone, crediting her daughter with the inspiration.

“My daughter originally asked if she could get a microchip implant to unlock her computer like a gamer girl that she saw online, and I said, ‘No, you better let me do it first so I can make sure it’s safe,’” she said.

Synn’s implants in her left hand give her kind of a sixth sense.

“I can tell you if your microwave is leaking too much radiation. My hand vibrates,” she explained.

She can also determine if a power box is getting enough power and feel live wires behind a wall.

Her implants can even make phone calls.

“The one in my left wrist calls my daughter’s phone and the one in my right wrist calls my husband’s phone,” she noted.

She honors her late husband with a microchip over her heart.

“The chip over my heart when scanned will play our wedding,” Synn told Guinness.

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