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Final Battle

Kính thưa quý đồng hương Người Mỹ gốc Việt và các thành Viên VACA: Cám ơn quý vị

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Subject: Lincoln Day Dinner March 17th, 2023 @Mar-a-Largo I was happy to accept the invitation from Palm Beach

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Nên nghe

Cuộc đối thoại rất hay không những về COVID Vaccine mà còn những kiến thức cơ bản về

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Liem was a Silicon Valley engineer for 20 years in various Fortune 500 and start-up companies until he retired in 2009. On the path of his second career toward the golden years, he is also a Cancer Registrar in one of the best hospitals in California: University of California, San Francisco

Concurrently, Liem manages an independent publishing company to help authors publish their books. His passion and interest is to recruit, manage volunteers, and fight to promote American principles and uphold the US constitution

Formal Education: BS Electrical Engineering 1987, University of California San Diego

Certificate of Cancer Information management, Santa Barbara City College 2013

Active Certified Tumor Registrar since Nov 2013

Conservative Grassroot Positions

Vice Chair of Vietnamese-American Republican Council Northern California

Executive Board member America for Equality PAC. https://afepac.wixsite.com/equality/about-us-1

Active member of Florida Republican Assembly, Orange County Chapter

Private Business held Position

President of Clover Leaves Publishing LLC since 2018.